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Client: Protiviti
Category: Corporate Animation Video, 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, Branded 3D

Protiviti based in the Shard is a global consulting firm offering solutions to business problems in technology, business process, analytics, risk, compliance, transactions and internal audit. So you can imagine that when I was approached by Protiviti and enlightened to what they do as a company that a creative picture didn’t immediately spring to mind! Protiviti did have a script ready however and this started to spark some ideas by using a play on words. The client knew that they wanted something different, something modern with an edge of ‘glitchyness’ and in areas uncertainty with regards to financial and technological markets.
The video is set around the idea of ‘ A Perfect Storm’ where positive and negative factors play a part in the current climate and where Protiviti steps in to calm this storm.
My whole idea was abstract and played on the words from the script using form and motion.
I created a few storyboard versions along with a mood board and when signed off set about creating this in 3d.
Maya has a tool within it called MASH and for a while now I have wanted to create a project using only MASH. Mash is a procedural animation engine developed by Mainframe.
MASH allowed me to create large data sets of geometry and move them with randomness and fall off, allowing me to create waves of buildings building up and elements such as the bridge that draws on using thousands of tiny cubes.
This was a fun (at times) challenging project with its creative heart imagined and brought to life by myself.