Experimentation is something that allows me to eventually offer my clients something new. With my R&D efforts I am able to both offer clients new and interesting effects and also allow for my own personal development as an artist. I use Autodesk Maya for all 3D work and with the recent implementation of Bifrost within Maya we can now create what were once impossible effects.

I feel a company or individual must push themselves forward and explore new and sometimes unfounded territory, don’t follow the normal or the trend and experiment. It’s here that new trends are found.
I must admit Bifrost has become an addiction and has opened a rabbit hole of intrigue, learning and many late nights. Check out some examples of R&D below.

Bifrost does have a bit of a steep learning curve. It’s a cross between the very technical and the very technical at the moment. It is growing in it’s intuitiveness with constant updates however as an artist I have had to pull myself out of my comfort zone and learn some more. Which is no bad thing. Bifrost is a visual programming platform at it’s heart so an artist (for now anyway) will need to learn something new. However, what can be done by code can also be done with an artistic and creative approach and it’s here that I am comfortable, for now.

I brought this vehicle into Bifrost and generated thousands of woven metal like fibers to replace the car. A physics set up was used by way of Bifrost’s MPM solver which enables the car to collide with an object while physically distorting the fibers.