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Our creative expertise .

We are a 3D animation company based in the UK. We work with clients to create content that is the perfect balance between strong animated visual content and compelling narrative . It is important for a motion designed video to have both in balance . We often get involved in the animation creative process, offering up ideas that we think could work well and perhaps something the client hadn’t thought about or even known was possible within a budget or time frame. Get In Touch

Our animation services include building detailed 3d models of products, environments and architecture from a blank canvas using our 3d modeling skills from client reference or from our own creativity . Pretty much everything on our showreel started as an empty screen. After the models are created we texture them with image files to give colour, extra detail and realism.
We animate objects, characters, cameras and add any physical effects such as liquids, smoke or fire.
If it is a product we are lighting we can give it that studio lighting look it deserves. We fully understand real world lighting procedures and bring this to the table in 3d. Our company uses Autodesk Maya for all 3D animation services.

As well as our animation services we also offer a service to digitally remove unwanted elements from footage that have either been from a shoot or from stock footage. We cleverly digitally remove unwanted elements and can replace them with either a cleaned version or a new addition sometimes referred to as set extension . 
We also provide 3d and 2d camera tracking solutions. These are either for projects requiring other services or we can send tracking data as cameras to clients.

We call this Motion Design rather than 2d motion graphics because along side animating elements we are often designing the elements to be animated. Our motion design services are often used as social media animations for Instagram, You Tube and facebook where they are used for marketing and advertising purposes . We create narrative led motion design animation for corporate training videos and also company profile and services video . 

Using a combination of 3D modelling, high end photo real rendering and digital touch up we produce amazing CGI product images for clients that want to see a product looking like a brand new super car. CGI product images can be rendered at a very high resolution ready for printing on banners for exhibition stands and stalls or for magazine articles.

As part of our animation services we offer ideas, mood boards, ways of navigating complex effects to keep within budget and make sure you are getting the very best you can for that all important budget. We have been working in the animation industry for over 15 years, working on many projects, dealing with many clients from CEO’s to producers, designers and business owners with each client requiring a different approach from us . Some clients know what they want and want us to quickly get on with a project, others don’t understand the animation process and it is here that we can offer our experience to help the client through the process of creating an animation perhaps for the first time .

All 3d images come through the 2d pipeline meaning anything created and then rendered in 3d comes to 2d for compositing where we colour correct and colour grade sequences, add lens effects such as dust, dirt, lens flares which all help make the 3d rendered sequences look even better. For 2D and Motion design projects we use Adobe products.

CGI Product Images

Check out some of the CGI Images below.

3D Animation

The majority of the projects we create here are 3d animated. An animated video allow’s you to tell your story or show your product off in a way that conventional cameras cannot do. We can weave in and out of products at macro level, build and un-build 3d models while showing off the internal design . We can show products in action, explain them and explain them in detail, all while keeping the audience captivated . All of this can be rendered as photo real or stylised to reflect some tonality toward your brand .
Play the video to see some of our animated video projects.


Some of the brands and companies we have worked with.