• BOUX Avenue: Client Alpha Century

    Alpha approached us to remove, replace and extend over 18 shots in this very nice looking tv commercial for Boux Avenue. We removed dirt, graffiti, hair, bins, reflections, people and added set extensions, cgi billboards, signs and even a building in one shot.
    A great project to work on for an amazing team over at Alpha Century.

  • Alpha Century: Baylis & Harding NTA’s

    Working closely with the amazing folk over at Alpha Century Strangebox buffed and shined products, replaced elements, added vfx elements and generally made the sets look nice and tidy.

  • Alpha Century: Furniture Village

    Alpha Century approached us to add some VFX.
    Walls needed replacing from the original shoot as did blinds.
    We added a nice CG picture frame complete with reflections and glint to help sell the shot.

  • TopGear Promo:

    BBC Creative approached us to create the words TopGear forming out of dust from a buggy. This was used on BBC1 and BBC2 and also online.

    Click the image to PLAY the video

  • Jack Films: Baylis & Harding

    Strangebox created this years (2016) Baylis & Harding commercial using clever digital matte paintings, tracking and compositing techniques. It is footage that was used the year before but all of the products needed to be replaced form the original shoot.

  • BBC 2: TopGear Ident

    Commisioned by the BBC to create a TopGear channel identity animation. The brief -smoke that creates the number 2, inhales, exhales and power slides to chase the car.

  • Signal TV - Right Guard:

    This particular commercial involved creating a parachute made from paper money – so we used some dynamics techniques which are based on real world physics to achieve this. We also had to keep the product looking as it should at all times as this is the most important aspect of product advertising.

  • Creatively Dunn

    Music Video vfx. The process involved modeling a butterfly, animating it and creating a particle simulation with the 3d models attached to each particle. With clever compositing we create a nice illusion that we really enjoyed working on.

  • RedBee Media:

    RedBee Media required 2 short animated videos as a promo for the upcoming program 24hrs to go broke. We created a 3d suitcase with a bunch of money inside and then simulated the money blowing away and composited it all up nicely for them.

  • Saddington Baynes: Honda Type R commercial.

    We animated, lit, textured, rendered and set up technical environments to produce this high end high octane showcase of the new Honda Type R. Saddington’s Nuke artists composited the renders that we sent back over.


    Strangebox was approached by BBC World News to help create a short transition from green screen studio to the surface of Mars. Naturally we were delighted to get into creating some sci fi landscapes. This was used as a promo video for the new BBC WORLD NEWS newsroom.

  • RedBee Media: UKTV

    RedBee media wanted a Christmas tv commercial showing footage of various programs on air and coming soon. We created a nice visual style that could look at home on the front of a christmas card – in fact that was part of the brief !


Broadcast Graphics

We create visual effects, motion design and 3d animation for broadcast.
Working closely and cooperating with producers, editors and creatives to produce stunning visuals.
We understand budgets, brand constraints and deadlines and work with you to adhere to all of it.

If you need stings, titles, commercials, long form content or visualistions we can do that.
Removing elements from shots, adding elements to shots and bedding those effects in
is part and parcel of what we do .

3d and vfx

Animated video for broadcast is what we do and we do it well.
We tell your stories and explain your product using beautiful, animated moving images and effects.
We are bursting with ideas and creativeness and enjoy nothing more than pushing boundaries and creating illusions for your audiences to enjoy.
Strangebox has been creating 3d and motion images for over a decade and our work reflects the experience we have earned.

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