Print CGI

Strangebox offers full CGI solutions for print. Any product, scene or visual effect can be created for your print campaign at any resolution.
We have worked with well known clients and produced cgi illustrations for print campaigns used in magazines, large scale posters and general advertising.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic used Strangebox to pre-visualise how their new brand would look across CGI aircraft. We were an integral part of the process through the entire project duration and the images were used in high level meetings with Sir Richard Branson.

Baylis & Harding

Baylis & Harding use us to generate cgi images of products that have been designed but do not currently exist so that they can get the products into magazines as soon as possible.
We work from designed templates and artists impressions to create these models.


Volvo commissioned strangebox to create small CGI elements which were inserted into the vehicle range for a new print campaign. We created lots of 3d models which were used as a wink and a nod toward the headline of each image.

IE Design

The chaps over at IE Design needed some 3d help with a print campaign. We created a ‘magic doorway’ composited into the photographic plates.

Always fun to work with Sci Fi Esq genres and they loved the outcome !

See more of their work here

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