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Ta Daaa!

Hi, welcome to our portfolio.
We have gathered a handful of 3d projects that cover everything from vfx for tv commercials to 3d animation for corporate clients.

Not all of our clients are big well-known brands, many are smaller companies looking to showcase their product or service for marketing using 3d animation as a means to convey their ideas, service or product in a way that only 3d animation can.

We throw heaps of effort, energy and emotion into every project
adding detail, depth and brilliant colour to make a vibrant and
visualy apealing video.

We are our own harshest critic and if our own work doesnt impress
us, even under a tight budget and deadline then it will
never see the light of day.

So please take a look around. We have also intermingled some of our own artwork which shows the kind of effects we can create when we are left on our own!


Client: Mark One Group
Project: Virgin ONE
Virign Media have just launched Virgin One, Two, Three and Player in Ireland. Were were delighted to be a part of the creation process working closely once more with Mark One Group to create rich, vibrant brand identities for Virgin media. Strong, bold and beautifully branded design led by the team at Mark One Group has given Virgin media a fresh but familiar feeling look and is now used across all of the new channels.

Client: Mark One Group
Project: Virgin media
This is the all new Virgin media News title sequence currently airing daily in Ireland which we were involved in under direction from Mark One Group. The client needed the sequence to wipe from live footage into this world of information and branded colour. The idea was a joint effort between Strangebox and Mark One Group. Virgin news needed to be able to swap out the video that adorns the digital screens and as such we also needed to think carefully about how to deliver this project as not only a title sequence but as a open project that could easily be updated.

Client: Full Rotation
Project: BASF Watertight
This was a great project to work on enabling us to work like builders without getting dirty ! We created a vast amount of gritty realistic textures combined with detailed 3d models right down to nuts and bolts holding scafolding together. We started this project by researching an area around the O2 arena on the river Thames in London to base our animation. We collected and painted textures and fleshed out the area with primitive 3d models building up in stages to higher resolutions. There were many products to feature and each product was modelled in detail from photo reference. The client had seen one of their competitors create a video showing off a simular product and wanted a video that looked as good or better. Well, we knocked that right out of the park !

Client: BBC
Project: TopGear Promo
BBC came to us looking to get some cool new promotional videos created for TopGear. BBC supplied us with footage and we created some fairly complex fluid dynamic simulations which spell out the words TopGear in 3d.
A great project for the portfolio !

Client: CLC World
Project: Sanata Barbara Heights
We have worked with CLC many times but this project was one of the more complex.
Club La Costa came to us for advice on how they could make their next 3d video different. We suggested a video made in 360 degrees that the target audience could scroll around using YouTubes 360 player.
We also mentioned that the same 360 video could be used with a VR headset..and they really liked that idea! A video that can be used on YouTube, embedded on their website and used within a headset at the CLC sales office. The project involved weeks of building a large scale vision of Santa Barbara Heights from Architects plans whom we worked closely with which also changed a couple of times during the build. We had to adapt how we worked and think on our feet with this project whilst liasing with the interior designers vision and the architects vision. 

360 degrees means the camera needs to see everything at all times so we had to cover all angles with everything from buildings and details to grass, trees, shrubs, bushes, pools, beds and people . We started out by capturing hundreds of different aerial photography angles of about a 2 mile square area of the Costa Del Sol and used those images to create height data of the area in a process known as photogrammetry , this then gave us an acurate base of the geographical landscape to start building 3d models on top of. The video is now being used in the sales office running through a Playstation 4 and VR headset. You may need to tweak the settings to play this video as it is 4k and 60 frames per second. Thats ALLOT of rendering!
P.S you can pause the video at any time and still look around.

Client: Full Rotation
Project: Manoto
Client required a title sequence for their tv show. We were supplied a mood board, text  and some refernce for simular looks. We then went to work on creating rough sketches of the layout and began building the structure in 3d. The client also required elements such as score board graphics which we created inline with the new look.

Client: Full Rotation
Project: Hartalega
This project showcases a new breakthrough in medical gloves. An anti microbial glove that actively kills bacteria!
The client wanted to show the process of creating the glove during the manufacturing stages and so we used fluid dynamics in 3d to dip the gloves and drag them through the dip trays whilst changing the colour of the gloves between each dip. We go on to show a microscopic simulation of the glove in action using 3d particle dynamics of how the glove reacts to bacteria.

Client: Mark One Group
Project: Virgin media SPORT
Here we have an ident that we are all really proud of. A simple but jaw dropping idea created by Mark One Group and executed in style from us at Strangebox . The scene is lit by footage from the screens and casts real light into the arena. One by one illuminating the scene, building to a cruscendo of iconic images from football. There was a very tight deadline with this and many late nights coupled with lots of coffee where spent creating this in the time we had. We also had allot of help from the render farm guys at Chaos group who had to live code the render farm to allow us to get certain aspects of this done! It is currently being aired on tv.

Client: BBC
Project: TopGear BBC2
As part fo the TopGear season BBC asked us to create on of the iconic ‘2’ idents for BBC2. The idea created was something we hadnt come across before. A ‘2’ made from tyre smoke that breaths life into itself and then drives off donw the road. Whacky but so much fun !