• Digital Showreel

    A collection of some of the Projects that we have created for ‘online’ audiences.

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  • Club La Costa

    3d animation created for CLC World as a marketing video showcasing their superior services. All elements were created from scratch and matched exactly to the specified designs supplied. We modeled every inch and textured every surface whilst creating a dynamic way to bring on the various elements the client required.

  • Oakley Mobile: Panduit

    Oakley Mobile came to us with a massive 22 full HD video request for their client Panduit. These needed to play inside their cleverly created Augmented reality app for a show in Cannes.

  • Google

    This is one of our very first clients and projects. We still love the quirky style. It’s fun and very Google. This was used at a Google conference in the U.S. and did we mention it was for Google

  • Baylis & Harding

    Jack films required a short video to highlight the Baylis & Harding brand and their sponsorship of the Cheltenham festival.

  • Jack Films: CAT

    Jack films came to us to create many variations of cut out 3d pictures which are used in point of sale video screens nationally. they didn’t quite know what they wanted and only had photography so we offered the idea to cut them out and give them more depth.

  • I E Design

    I E design’s needed us to create a 3d tent and composite it into a difficult moving scene for their clients online glamping website. The footage had lots of difficult areas to mask out like leaves and hair – but you know – we got it done.

  • White Space Creative Solutions

    White Space needed a event night opening sequence for the Agro Awards. Time and budget were tight and there were lots of headlines to cover but they were well pleased with the outcome.

  • Gosling Design: Boston Scientific

    Boston scientific wanted to send an animated ‘seasonal greeting’ to all involved with their company. We created a cut out paper book feel with a nice backdrop all contained within a branded book.

  • Medical Online

    DNA Forming under Microscope. We used a particle system to create this and composited it adding camera zooms and liquid like environmental effets

  • Google

    Google came to us to create a new digital online marketing video showcasing their analytics advancement.

  • Juice:Aromaguard

    Motion design for Juice Creative incorporating the Aromaguard brand with rich and vibrant colours to explain aspects of their products.

  • Oakley Mobile: I Get You Pro

    We created a whole bunch of videos (20 or so) for Oakley Mobile and their client.A very distinct style showing we can adapt to any motion design style.

  • Cambridge Film Works: The Jockey Club Hill Climb

    Strangebox was approached by Cambridge Film works to help The Jockey Club with a 3d visualisation of a new hill climb for horse training. We followed detailed plans and used aerial drone images to create a representation for them.

Online Digital content.

We create visual effects, motion design and 3d animation for audiences online and across all digital media.
Strangebox has over a decade of experience in the field of digital online content and have been creating
spell binding animations in both 3d and motion design for clients around the world.

Digital is where it’s at!

Everything is digital, online, in every piece of code you unknowingly click, tracking you to make sure you get the best experience
tailored to your personal purchasing needs. That’s why you need to be across it, in it and part of it and you need us to make you look
good, stand out and be noticed. Our creativeness is forward thinking and we work with clients on the cutting edge
of digital advertising and marketing – producing work that stands out.
A 3d animation video for your website to explain your product
in detail is a great way to allow people to understand it and
this can also be used instead of a boring power
point presentation bringing your product
to life whilst telling your story.

video – its a must have

According to research 90% of surfers leave a standard
based text site in just 4 seconds versus 60% if there is a video waiting for them.
A video boosts memory retention by 50% verses  22 percent for text based information.
Video can go viral – text rarely does this.
We create 3d animation combined with motion graphics story telling to create a beautifully designed
animated video that tells everybody what you are about and what your product or service is whilst
retaining audience retention over static text.

New to all of this?

It can look like a daunting task at first but it’s actually really simple.
We take care of all the technical stuff and we work with you to get your story told
or your product explained using images in the best way possible whilst adhering to your brand.

We look at all of this, discuss time frames, style and cost and when you are happy to move forward
we take you through each step with example images, ideas and draft animation versions to make sure it is all
going in the right direction.


Contact us for a friendly discussion
about your requirements