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How we work

We work as virtual collaborative artists enabling us to keep cost down. At any one time there may be one or five artists working on a project dependent on project size or technical aspects. If for instance your project requires character animation there will be a character animator involved in the process for however long that part of the project takes – but no longer than it takes. This way enables us to cost in certain aspects rather than one large continuous overhead. From there it’s about finding out more about you and what you need from us, how quickly you need it and how we can make the process of getting you some very nice video as painlessly as possible.

How we can help you

Every one of our clients is completely unique and has a different need. Some of our clients know what they want straight away, have storyboards ready and just need to hit a deadline with glorious content from us – that’s fine, we do this all of the time – however some clients don’t know what they want or what it is we even do, if that is you please contact us for a friendly chat about your project.  Our work has been on TV quite a bit but we also create loads of work for corporate clients. Everything from Medical and scientific animation to company profiles and branded videos that explain what you need explained. We use the latest 3d animation and motion graphics tools backed with knowledge, creativity and years of experience.

Breakdown of services

We are a 3d and motion graphics animation company
and offer the following combination of services:
Below is a guide for what they actually mean.

  • 3D modelling for products and environments
  • 3D Animation of objects, cameras, characters and scenes
  • 3D Character Animation
  • 3D Simulations including medical and biological elements like cell mutations and blood flow
  • 3D particle and fluid effects used for sparks, fire, water, dust, smoke, magical and creative visual effects
  • 3D camera tracking to copy a real world camera’s movement and apply that to 3d objects
  • 3D Rendering of objects and scenes using both stylised and realistic lighting techniques
  • Motion Graphics Animation used for stylized corporate videos
  • Motion Graphics transitions for instance we can take your power point presentation and animate it into a more interesting presentation.
  • Compositing – using separated layers of elements such as colour, shadow, highlights from a 3d object and putting them all together with the ability to ‘tweak’ individual layers giving maximum control over the look and feel, this also helps to match 3d objects into a live action shot.
  • Match moving – where we take a filmed shot and either add or replace an element that had been filmed
  • Visual effects such as lens effects, flares, dust, lens distortion, lens dust can all be added onto a fake camera to create a realistic representation of a camera.

Areas we cover

We cover the following areas of industry:

  • Medical animation and simulations
  • Biological simulation or animation
  • New technology product walk-through animation or scenarios
  • Product commercials and advertising either in motion or static for print
  • Architectural walk-through showcasing new developments
  • Company profile and historic animated content
  • Television commercials
  • TV channel identities
  • Title sequences for TV
  • TV show 3d explanation, representational or re-imagined scenes
  • Extended services to the post production industry
  • Extension services to the film industry
  • Extended services for clients requiring white label services
  • 3d assets for the gaming industry
  • 3d assets for the film industry