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3d model created for Virgin media pitch

Strangebox was started by Phil Radford. After a successful career at the BBC creating title sequences, channel branding, working on documentaries and entertainment programmes he progressed
to set up Strangebox so that he could work with a more diverse range of brands and clients.

Experience is what makes us a solid studio to work with. Difficult hurdles present themselves in every project which can change the course of the deadline or the budget if they are not seen early on. At the risk of sounding medical, we properly ‘diagnose’ a project before starting and seed out new ways of attacking specific effects that will save time and budget . In some cases a client has to change or adjust an aspect of the project close to deadline and we adjust, troubleshoot and knuckle down to get things done. This ony comes from experience.

Based in the UK, Strangebox is a small but mighty 3d animation and vfx studio working for clients all over the world. Always looking to impress and with a hunger for recognition, we push ourselves to create jaw dropping informative animated visuals backed up with years of 3d visual effects experience.

We have been lucky enough to of worked with some of the biggest brand names on planet earth but take just as much pride from having worked with the many smaller companies that are looking to get some 3d animation to showcase their product or service.

We offer our animation services to all industries and have created 3d animation and visualization across financial, medical, architectural, building development, government services, product design, engineering, television including commercials and tv series, tv shows and short films. Our creative approach means that if you don’t have an idea of how you want your animation to look we can come up with a truly creative solution based on what you want to say to your audience . We make this simple for you and keep you informed and involved in the whole process .