Lets face it – both 3d stereo movies and VR are throwback, re-versioned ideas from the 80’s. “Nothing wrong with that if works ok” I hear you say – true but  we have had to wait for the tech to catch up to the ideas – pfft as usual – but in any case it is indeed an old thought and an old technology revamped.

3d stereo!
yeah it was fun, it made a few quid at the box office especially with the likes of Avatar but it’s kind of done now – even though it’s still around I doubt it will be for too much longer. I mean who actually goes home now and watches 3d movies on the tv ? I actually have a 3d tv but haven’t ever watched an entire 3d movie – why? I don’t have 5 pairs of glasses, the inclination to wear them or a living area where everybody gets the same viewing experience – it just doesn’t work. A fad, a bit of fun another gimmick that generated a bit of hype but is slowly fazing out. When it first came out I will admit I was first in the line to go and watch as many 3d movies as possible even though we were paying extra cash to go see them. I didn’t care that my glasses were low quality and the 3d I was looking at was giving me double vision. The first movie I saw in 3d was Avatar and nothing has come close to that experience since. The last movie I watched in 3d was The Force Awakens and like most I was gagging to see it but the stereo completely took me away from what should of been an awesome experience. I found that the picture was doubled up and ghosting and it really pissed me off. So I went to watch it in 2d next week and it was a much better experience.

VR !

I was and still am pretty excited about VR. I have been looking into VR for a couple of years now ever since I purchased the fist Oculus dev kit. I told myself I was buying it to create content – but that never actually happened, I was kidding myself and truth be told I wanted to just play with it and experience it as soon as possible. It was probably closest to something ‘new’ that I had actually got. Yes it had teething problems – lots actually and the resolution was that of a Casio watch but it made me smile and on occasions I actually felt scared in certain atmospheric demos that were floating around at the time. The second and third installments of Oculus came on pretty quick and my version one dev kit is gathering dust in my office as we speak.
I had about 10 solid ideas of what could be done with VR and approached a few people that I thought might want to get involved or help with funding but to be honest not many people that I tried to convince were that bothered at the time. Now of course those ideas are coming to light and the ‘experiences’ look awesome. Sae La Vie
I think for some Vr is here for a while and will be built upon for many years to come. I for one feel like I need that immersion into games. i want to be surrounded by gunfire and really feel the experience. But to close -as I said before it’s not new.


It’s not easy to find something new – I guess the only thing new-er or new in terms of not been done in the 80’s than VR that actually came out around a similar point in time are drones and the two are actually fitting in together quite well. I had the idea way back to have drones with 360 cams on them with the ability to wear a VR headset and look around in real time with the possibility of others connecting in real time live on the internet or for military use. Actually sending a live stream from a 360 headcam is something to think about – live events like the dude that jumped from the edge of earths atmosphere – he could of been wearing a 360 cam and everyone could plug in live and watch in full VR… hell why not of given him a lidar too !
So the only new tech I can think that will be making a massive storm is obviously Robotic. O.K yes robots have been around for years – but not talking walking drink serving, sports playing, customization of robots. That in my head is what is going to be the biggest new thing in a long time and everything else will just explode around it (not literally I hope) . People will be customizing their household robots. They could be made of interactive surfaces which one could send different clothing to. The home entertainment area will change – they will ‘be’ the home entertainment holding all of the household gadgets, charging them, sending wifi about, streaming content, diagnosing your car issues, paying your bills – e v e r y t h i n g it’s both exciting and scary but it will come…just how long will we have to wait ? I mean we are being drip fed media on it and there are great minds speaking out about the consequences and lets not forget how well Tesla are doing those guys are on fire and will probably be first in the robotics race if Elon Musk has anything to do with it. So yeah they probably will take over the world and destroy humanity as we know it but you know – that would be something new too I guess.

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