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"We make shiny animated videos, rich and vibrant, spectacular in detail, driven by our passion for CGI"



Here's what we can do for you

Visual effects {vfx}

Visual effects or VFX is the process of creating CGI objects and scenes and putting them into filmed live action scenarios (plates). From here the 3d objects are made to look like they are part of the filmed plate and we blend the 3d objects and animation in using clever compositing skills.

We have done this for tv commercials and music videos for a host of clients. This is our favorite kind of work as it never fails to impress.

3d Animation

3d animation is the process of creating three dimensional models which can be coloured, textured, lit and animated. We often take an artists impression or a short storyboard or even an idea and bring that to life, making it look all lovely with glossy shiny stuff and give it to you to show everyone how awesome you are. We are really very good at this and class ourselves as ninjas in this area.

Motion Graphics

Yes we do this too, basically making things move around the screen with text and colours and maps and things. This is mostly a little bit more flat (2d) although often quicker and less expensive than 3d and is also quicker to make changes to, motion graphics is what you might be thinking of if you wanted to create a quick company explainer video and show off photos and logos. You can even have fun characters doing all sorts. Go check out the portfolio for examples. 

Images for print

As well as animation we also create high resolution images for use in print campaigns. These can be products that we model in 3d and render to a high specification so that it can be used in print in either magazines or books and also large scale posters.


With almost all of our animation content we edit on site creating cuts from different cameras or scenes for a more well paced story telling experience, the final film can be saved in any formats required or uploaded to your favorite video hosting site. We can also take video that you have shot and chop it up into tiny little pieces and post it back to you in more edible chunks for you to enjoy.

Filming and Sound

With close and trusted partnerships we are able to offer an entire solution. Camera crew, sound guys and voice over artists are at our disposal along with the ability to create sound effects or background tracks. It's all doable :)


If you need engaging, professional, creative content with efficiency and value get in touch.